Designer, Terese Sydonna Brown, Fighting Fashion’s Inauthenticity

Where other fashion brands force you to mold to their vision, founder Terese Sydonna Brown is encouraging women to live true to themselves in everything they do. During her successful career in the corporate world, Terese knew the strain of conforming and hiding parts of yourself at work and sought to end that practice everywhere.

With 15+ years of experience working in finance, buying and merchandising and as a self-starter for major retailers, Terese is an expert in understanding the needs of women in the corporate world. Her clothing and lifestyle brand does what others won’t; empower women to live fearlessly and accept no less than what they deserve.

The colorful Jamaican style of her heritage blended with her love for Japanese art and architecture is apparent in every piece. Terese Sydonna provides high-quality fashion for professional women. Designed with a busy lifestyle in mind, every item makes it effortless to achieve a sophisticated wardrobe.


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