Terese Sydonna

Inspired by bold prints, sculpture, and unexpected detail, Terese Sydonna’s collections celebrate a modern landscape where art, fashion and comfort intersect. Stylish, yet maintenance free, 95% of the collection is machine washable, quick drying, and wrinkle-free.



“I am absolutely in love with Terese Sydonna!!! The designer is amazing! All her dresses are absolutely beautiful!Please check her website so you can see all her exclusive designs!!

Toya James

I absolutely love the elegance, and creative play of color, texture and cut weaved into your face mask collection. I am definitely recommending your store to my friends.

Aileen Reid

Each item is unique, precisely constructed and absolutely gorgeous. My biggest fashion dilemma, at present, is – which of your stunning dresses I want to order for my next event.”

Michelle Kim



I believe there is a calm strength in each of us—the power to save the day in color, print, and comfort. Like the Terese Sydonna client, our designs often include an unexpected detail, leaving the individual feeling powerful and confident while navigating an ever-changing busy lifestyle.

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