About Us

Terese Sydonna | A modern landscape where art, fashion and comfort intersect.

We believe there is an ubiquitous power in natural phenomena. It may be found on the coast at the cusp of a storm or in the still and quiet heat of a dormant volcano. It is confident and immense and promises power and grace. This naturally occurring force is at the core of each of us.
It is your untapped superpower.
This is the essence of the Terese Sydonna brand. We aspire to dress the superhero in you. Inspired by bold prints, sculptured lines, and unexpected details, this contemporary ready-to-wear brand is designed for that still and quiet power in us all.
The Jamaican-born, New York-raised designer behind the brand, Terese Sydonna Brown, is a force of nature herself.
An accomplished businesswoman, Terese transitioned from a career in finance to work with top designers such as Jimmy Choo and Marc Jacobs when she decided to pursue her passion for fashion.
Terese Sydonna collections celebrate a modern landscape where art, fashion, and comfort intersect. Stylish, yet maintenance free, 95% of the collection is machine washable, quick drying, and wrinkle-free.
Terese carefully designs each piece to be versatile and stylish without compromising convenience and honoring your innate power.
Dress the superhero in you and wear your power in style.