DAY IN BRIEF: Terese Brown, Creative Director & CEO, Terese Sydonna

For Terese Brown, Creative Director and CEO at contemporary clothing label Terese Sydonna, it’s all about the three F’s. “My motto is family, friends and fashion​,” says Brown.​ “I’m very close to my family and spend as much time as I can with them when I’m not working or traveling.” 

As the creative and business lead of her company, Brown has a lot on her plate. “I’m extremely passionate about my clients and my community where I live and work,” she says, adding that she takes pride in empowering women in her role, and with her creations. Still, she says a work-life balance is hard to achieve. “As women​,​ we often choose ourselves last and put the needs of everyone else before our own,” she says. “I deeply admire those fighting for and living their American dream every day​ as well​. I see these superheroes in my neighborhood of Jamaican immigrants, and in New York’s Garment District where Terese Sydonna is produced.” 

Luckily, Brown has a tight-knit group of chosen family members to lean on. “I have a small close circle of friends, some I’ve known since I first immigrated to the United States,” says Brown, who says one of the ties that bonds them is their love of food. “Together we’re usually exploring the city and uncovering the best food to try.” Though fashion is, of course, her passion, she admits, “If I was not a fashion designer I would definitely be doing something in food and travel. Being an island girl I just can’t do without the ocean and having fresh food readily available!” 

Much of this exploration happens on the weekend—specifically, Saturdays, which are Brown’s favorite. Find out why that is ahead in our latest Day in Brief.


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