From fashion to food, Jamaican pride on full display across New York City as island celebrates 60 years of independence

NEW YORK -- Jamaican pride is on full display throughout New York City and the world as this year marks 60 years since the island gained its independence from the United Kingdom.

CBS2's Lisa Rozner spoke to some New Yorkers who are taking the milestone seriously and honoring their heritage in a big way.

Designer and Jamaica native Terese Brown's newest collection includes some personal touches in the pattern.

"This is lignum vitae flower, hibiscus flower," she explained. "What the print symbolizes is taking all the national symbols with the doctor bird, the ackee fruit, the hibiscus and the lignum vitae flower and merge it into one print ... I'd been missing home and just wondering how I could get back. How could I connect with a land I love so much?"

After a successful year collaborating with major partners like Macy's, she wanted to mark her own milestones and Jamaica's.


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